GlobalVision is the oldest Internet Service Provider in the Upstate.  Serving business, residential, non profit and government customers since 1996, GlobalVision has a singular focus on support for its customers.

GlobalVision focuses on helping its business customers increase their revenue, take costs out of their business and serve their customers more effectively.

Whether installing fiber optic cable for a BMW supplier, or connecting a household to the internet; whether providing advanced voice services for a Fortune 500 enterprise, or helping a small non profit host an internet page - GlobalVision is focused on local!

However GlobalVision is also called on to support other providers including locations in Augusta, GA, Carrollton, GA, and Raleigh NC just as examples of its reach.

Who We Are

Long time industry veteran David Funderburk is President and General Manager of GlobalVision.  With significant experience working with carriers and providers across the country, David brings significant customer focused experience to GlobalVision.

Office Manager for GlobalVision is Polly Peterson.  Polly is the longest tenured employee at GlobalVision and customers benefit from her experience.

Ethan Dee is the Network Services Manager for the company.  His experience includes significant work in wired and wireless networks, as well as Linux installation, hosting and co-location.

Greg Stodenmyer is responsible for Technical Services for GlobalVision.  In this role, he owns the responsibility for installations, configuration and administration of the GlobalVision wireless network.

GlobalVision's Sales Manager is Judd Jones.  Judd works with a variety of customers in various industries to develop unique solutions which benefit their businesses.

Karrie Miller is Manager of Business Development for GlobalVision.  With longtime ties in the Upstate, she is actively engaged with business customers and prospects.

Joey Craig is a Network Technician.  With significant experience in fiber, wireless and copper infrastructure, he brings invaluable experience in multiple areas to GlobalVision customers.

Providing additional technical support for customers is Jim Graziano who, like our team, has extensive experience in telecom and datacom, as well as expertise in fiber and copper infrastructure.

Amber Dee provides invaluable support for managing GlobalVision's inventory as well as coordinating the company's new VISP billing platform.   

Supporting end user customers with Tier 1 support issues is Sunni Haire.  A graduate of ECPI, Sunni has expertise in LAN and internal network troubleshooting and documentation.

Also supporting the GlobalVision team is Tony Breland.  He has significant wireless and security experience including the design and implementation of PTP, PTMP and low latency higher performance networks.

John Perry provides support for marketing opportunities including analytics and customer experience work to ensure GlobalVision delivers on its commitment to reference 100% of its customer base.


Photo by Matthias Heidrich.

Photo by Matthias Heidrich.

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