Security and Malware by Jeffrey Brooks

GlobalVision is partnering with Blue Ridge Networks to bring the Appguard anti-malware application to its customers.

Until we fully integrate Appguard into our customer offers, information concerning this product is available by clicking the link below.

Appguard works by identifying malware before it can execute.  It identifies these types of infections embedded in image files, database files, applications, and other downloads, as well as email attachments.

It works by building a real time self contained operating environment in which the malware spawns and attempts to execute.  However the Appguard application fully contains the applications, preventing its spread and/or mutation across the remainder of the client network.

Click the button below for more information or contact us as or via telephone at 864.467.1333.


Voice is a Mission Critical Application for Business by Jeffrey Brooks

Things have changed a lot in past five years when it comes to how businesses provision and manage telephone services. It used to be that, especially in large enterprises, phone and data services (both elements of communications) were managed separately—the first by the voice department, the second by the IT staff. But, with the adoption of IP telephony, the landscape has been altered significantly.

In large organizations today, there are two typical scenarios in terms of the relationship between voice and data/IT departments: the voice manager reports to the IT manager, or the voice manager is gone completely, with the IT department running the entire communications infrastructure.

 Because of this change, voice has become not so much a matter of phones and telephone service but a matter of applications.

Businesses used to refer to telephones and phone calls; now this discussion concerns the richness of applications.  What's changed is that it's no longer a fixation on end-point anymore but rather on voice-related applications like collaboration, Web conferencing and extending calls from desktop phones to mobile devices.

How about small to mid-sized companies though?  Those organizations which also need improved cost effective solutions, but do not have the budget or resources to pay for additional employees or expensive solutions.

GlobalVision takes the approach that voice is best regarded as just another communications applications—albeit a mission-critical one – especially for small to mid sized businesses.

Voice as a Mission-critical Application

Treating voice as an application means recognizing its mission-critical nature and then helping businesses solve communications problems by enhancing voice applications with new capabilities.

No company today can survive without voice.  It is an instrumental part of every organization. It is so crucial that people are realizing they need to have voice backup as well as data backups.”

In the old days of telephony, there wasn’t usually a good way to do voice backups. With the advent of IP communications, such backups became possible and are becoming standard practice along with data backups. The criticalness of voice dictates redundancy.

Even a single day of lost business can cost millions and millions of dollars for large companies, but hundreds or thousands of dollars for smaller firms.

For GlobalVision, treating voice as a mission critical application is part of a larger philosophy—to help customers solve business problems and operate more efficiently.

We're not here to come out with cool technology; we're here to improve the way people do business by making it more cost-effective and by providing more applications that allow people to work better, smarter & faster.

This is especially important for small to mid sized businesses, who may not be able to justify the expense of dedicated support teams and managers.  GlobalVision is able to fill that void.

GlobalVision takes the stance that a big part of delivering voice as a mission critical, efficiency-boosting application is making it possible to run voice on industry standard servers, to host voice services remotely, and to blend voice services together from multiple networks to create best of breed hybrid networks for its customers.

Enabling Mobility for Voice Applications

When voice is treated as an application, it becomes possible to look at how this particular application can be used to empower mobile business practices—enabling people to access communications applications from any location.

As an example, one of GlobalVision’s clients is a company that performs on-site work for its customers. GlobalVision provided this customer with applications which provide each employee with a single phone number so that he or she can be reached regardless of location. In addition, the company is able to provide their employee corporate telephony services anywhere there is internet availability.

The Business Case for IP Communications

 GlobalVision’s focus is that businesses need technology that helps them solve problems and be more competitive. IP telephony, or VoIP, is often touted as being advantageous because it can save money on toll charges and is based on the newest, cutting edge technology.

The business case for switching to IP telephony isn’t about replacing one type of voice technology with another; it’s about the types of voice applications IP makes possible and how those applications can improve business processes.

GlobalVision’s focus is on the customer – their needs – their requirements – how to maximize their resources.  In meeting with a customer, we want to talk about voice applications that help people work smarter, faster and better..i.e. return on investment.

ROI lies in applications that let people do things like collaborate on a project at any time, regardless of the time zone the participants are located in or whether business hours have begun there.

GlobalVision’s philosophy is to develop not products but solutions.  We look at the business challenge the customer is facing and come up with applications that improve business processes and lead to creating a competitive advantage for that customer.



New GlobalVision Series Coming up - Internet Marketing by Jeffrey Brooks

We are moving ahead with our second set of private briefings this year.  The next set of briefings will be an overview of the internet and internet marketing.  We will discuss the trends related to these timely topics with a select number of clients.  We expect to post the dates before July 15th 2017.  The slots go fast so please be prepared to reserve your time soon!

Security Sessions Upcoming by Jeffrey Brooks

GlobalVision is pleased to introduce Ken Meek, VP of Managed Services for nationwide provider Mercury Z.  We are scheduling one on one meetings with key clients and others during the last week of April in Greenville, SC.  These briefings will provide our customers with updated information on best practices in the security arena and include discussions related to threats, challenges and solutions.